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Located in the atrium facing the reflecting pool, visitors can enjoy light meals, generously prepared with natural ingredients from the Mt. Fuji area, as well as Shizuoka green tea and other refreshments. Museum souvenirs and other items connected with Mt. Fuji are also available for purchase. No Centre admission ticket is necessary to access the Museum Café & Shop. So feel free to stop by at the end of your Centre visit, or even to pop in later when you are walking around town. We look forward to serving you.


Business Hours / Nonbusiness Days: Same as the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre

Café Menu

Yogurt-fed Pork Hotdog @NORI

・ ヨーグル豚ドッグ @NORI

Yogurt-fed Pork Hotdog @NORI

This hotdog made from local yogurt-fed pork sausage and covered with green tea miso is a new taste sensation created by the Mt. Fuji Gourmet Paradise Culinary Expert of the Year, Fuminori Nishitani

Chef Fuminori Nishitani Born in 1972 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Chef Nishitani attended the Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, where he specialized in Japanese cuisine. After graduation, he spent seven years working at, and learning from, Japanese and Italian restaurants in Osaka. In 1998, he moved to Italy. Over the next four years he continued to hone his culinary skills at such Michelin star-rated restaurants as Ristorante da Delfina (outside Florence) and SADLER (in Milan), where he was strongly influenced by the creativity and entertaining presentation of the local chefs. After returning to Japan, Nishitani worked as the head chef in an Italian restaurant in Kobe before striking out on his own in 2003. He opened NORI in his hometown of Fujieda. Here he combines the techniques for meticulously incorporating ingredients that he learned from Japanese cuisine with the joy of food culture that he learned in Italy, always striving to create new and original dishes based around seasonal ingredients. In 2010, Nishitani was recognized as a Mt. Fuji Gourmet Paradise Culinary Expert. And for five straight years starting in 2011, he was named Mt. Fuji Gourmet Paradise Culinary Expert of the Year. In 2015, Nishitani received the prestigious distinction of Mt. Fuji Master Chef. He served as the team leader for Team Shizuoka at Expo Milano 2015.

Juicy Beef  Hamburger

Juicy Beef  Hamburger

A delicious treat covered in melted cheese! This classic humburger will please the whole family.

Lava Ice Cream

Lava Ice Crea

Lava Ice Cream

A taste sensation that combines ice cream with a Fuji lava-inspired bun. Enjoy a unique and lightly sweet snack.

Soft-serve Ice Cream

Soft-serve Ice Cream

Soft-serve Ice Cream

Powdered green tea soft-serve ice cream for springtime Fuji Roasted green tea soft-serve ice cream for autumn Fuji

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