Centre Etiquette

Do not touch display items or cases

With the exception of touch panels and the hands-on globe in the Wild Mountain exhibit, you are asked not to touch any of the displays, regardless of whether or not they are in a case.

Refrain from eating or drinking (includes gum and candy) inside the Centre

In order to avoid attracting insects and rodents, or promoting mold growth, with spilled food, you are asked to refrain from bringing or eating any food or drink in the Centre, except for the Café and Observation Hall.
You are also asked to refrain from consuming outside food or drink within the Café or Observation Hall.

Be considerate of the other Centre visitors

Please refrain from talking on mobile phones, shouting, causing disturbances or engaging in other behaviors that will bother the other visitors.
Also, running in the Observation Hall and along the Sloped Ramp is strictly forbidden as it is extremely dangerous.

No pets or animals are allowed in the Centre

An exception is made for visitors with an assistance dog (seeing-eye dog, hearing dog, service dog).

Video and Photography

Video recording and photography are prohibited in the Wild Mountain, Holy Mountain and Beautiful Mountain permanent exhibits, as well as in the Movie Theater (decisions on whether to allow video recording or photography of temporary exhibits will be made depending on the exhibit content).
Video recording and photography is permitted for other displays, in the Observation Hall and elsewhere, provided it does not disturb the other visitors.

Smoking is prohibited within the Centre